Our Objectives

  1.  To foster social connection between the girls and have fun riding bikes. 
  2. To develop Mountain Biking competence by navigating challenge, thus empowering confidence beyond the trails. 
  3. To facilitate adventure and exploration while appreciating the outdoors.

We intend to achieve these objectives by delivering our weekly Trail Rose sessions, Adventure Trip and the Trail Rose Camp all occurring between October and December. Have a read below to find out more.

Trail Rose is proudly supported by:


Eligibility: MTB Tauranga Member, owns a mountain bike, can ride grade 2 trails.
Age – 10 to 14 year old female
Location – Tauranga
Time – 8x 90 minute sessions + 1x Adventure Trip and 1x Camp.
Cost – See cost details below
(We’ve obtained funding and sponsorship so registration fees are minimal!)

Trail Rose is apart of the Youth Development pathway.

Trail Rose Weekly Sessions

Weekly sessions will occur every Sunday afternoon from 4:30 – 6:00 pm. Starting 8th October. Each week will have a unique theme. These will include social connection, confidence building, riding skill development, fitness, games & challenges along with off bike sessions such as bike maintenance and more. The sessions will occur at different locations around the city including Oropi, Summerhill, Urban Trails, and more. There will be transport and carpooling options to make it accessible for all across the city. We have used the survey results to craft how the sessions will look.

Capacity – 25 girls.

Trail Rose Adventure Trip

The purpose of our Adventure Trip is to create a sense of exploration and excitement, by having the girls ride somewhere outside of the normal in a fun and safe environment. Our adventure trip will put the girls teamwork, leadership and confidence to the test in an engaging and enjoyable way. More information will be available about the adventure trip once the Roses are confirmed.

Trail Rose Camp

Trail Rose Camp will occur on 20th December till 22nd December. The Trail Rose Camp will be held at a holiday park in Rotorua and be based out of the Whakarewarewa Forest (Redwoods). Finer details will be confirmed in due course. But the camp will be the ultimate experience for the girls and solidify the achievement of Trail Rose objectives.

Cost, Sponsorship & Funding


We have successfully obtained Sponsorship from ISO & funding from Sport NZ Tu Manawa Fund. This will allow us to reduce registration fees for the term sessions, adventure trip and empower camp.

We are required to weight the funding towards riders who are new to the sport of Mountain Biking or

Outlined below is the price table for current riders, and new/higher depravation riders. We’ve also listed the cost without funding to show the substantial positive impact the funding has for Trail Rose. Register now and we will invoice at the start of the term.

CostsCurrent RiderNew Rider or Rider facing Higher DeprivationCost without funding
Weekly sessions
whole term
(8 sessions)
1x Adventure Trip$35.00Free$70.00
1x Empower Camp$115.00$58.00$300.00

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