Term 1 DirtSkill and Adult Skills

With a busy event Calendar in 2023 I am currently working out the best timetable for T1 2023. Keeping in mind we’ve also got Oropi harvesting to factor in towards the end of March/April its going to be a busy little term. Term 1 will start on 6th February. Grading days are listed now on the website and registrations will be available from the 18th December.

Oropi Super D Series

We have two final rounds of Oropi Super D Series left. Entries are from $10 and is available for anyone to race. Round #4 is this Friday and will see Trail Mix as the Hard track and Exit course (in reverse) as the easy course. Round 5 is on Friday 16th December with Hidden trail the Hard course and Grim Creeper the easy course. This will be your last opportunity to race Oropi before harvesting.

Timed Training

We have 3 Timed Training sessions left. If it is appropriate for you then you’ve been emailed an invitation. Sunday 11th December sees Trail Mix and 6 Drops at Oropi while Monday 12th December sees the Jumps Park at Summerhill for timed training. A pretty unique opportunity for instant feedback to guide your riding and development.

Upcoming Events

We’re working hard to get some more events on the calendar in 2023 and there are even more exciting plans for 2023/2024 season also, which includes an Endurance/Relay event, Offroad Duathlon, and an Enduro series.

Right now, I am currently working to deliver the following events throughout 2023, so start getting hyped!

NEW*** Club XC Champs (March)

NEW*** Club Enduro Champs (March)

NEW*** WBOP Intermediate Champs XC & Enduro (May)

NEW*** WBOP Highschool Champs (TBC)

NEW*** Clapped Rig Carnival (May)

NEW*** Summerhill Cyclocross (July)

AIMS Games MTB (September)

WAIBOP Primary School Event (September)

Rider Assist Initiative and Sponsorship

We’re excited to be introducing our Rider Assist Initiative (RAI) in 2023. There are plenty of riders and families in the Mountain Biking community who experience financial hardship, solo parents are a common example of this. The RAI aims to provide financial support to those who need it to keep progressing their Mountain Biking. 20% of all financial sponsorship of DirtCraft goes towards the RAI.

This pool of funds is divided amongst successful applicants who apply to the head coach to access these funds. Beyond the head coach the RAI is completely anonymous so riders involved can apply for up to $500 per season. At the end of the season successful applicants provide an anonymous letter of thanks summarising their season, and opportunities that were made possible from the RAI. The letter is sent to DirtCraft and anonymously on to sponsoring organisations as a token of application.

Riders and families will be able to apply for the RAI from mid-2023. To sponsor DirtCraft and support the RAI please contact tristanhride@gmail.com.

Christmas Ride

We’re hosting a Christmas ride from 5.00pm to 6.00pm Summerhill on Monday 12th December. All DirtCraft riders are welcome. Kids under 10 need an accompanying adult. There is no structure to this ride, its just a case of getting together for a few social laps before the end of the year. Riders are 100% responsible for themselves throughout the Christmas ride. Club night racing will follow this from 6.30pm onwards.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you if I do not see you before 2023.



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