Registrations Open Now

  • Objective – Skill learning, Skill progression
  • Age – 6 to 99
  • Location – Summerhill MTB Park, Oropi MTB Park, Whakarewarewa Forest Rotorua
  • Time – Custom
  • Cost – From $70 per hour for U18, or $115 per hour for adult. *
  • Group Cost – From $120 per hour. *(All costs exclude travel)

Description – We know mountain bikers never grow up. Small kids just become big kids, and because the community has worked out how awesome DirtCraft is, and we know there are plenty of big kids who are just as eager to learn, progress and upskill. We offer private sessions to assist your journey in Mountain Biking also, no matter if you are 9 or 99, E-Bike or traditional, Enduro or XC, male or female, new or seasoned, our coaches can tailor a private session to your needs.

Learning in a group can be packed with more enjoyment, inspiration, and a wider range of learning from each others experiences. Our Private Group Coaching sessions can facilitate learning from the coach but also from each other. It allows your skills as an individual to build in a multidimensional way from one another.


You can book a private session by emailing Be sure to include as much information as you can so we can deliver the best session for your development.