Tauranga Development Squad

Development Squad

Applications Open Soon

  • Objectives– Race accessibility, character development
  • Age – Year 9+
  • Location – Tauranga, New Zealand
  • Time – All year
  • Cost – From $300
  1. Tauranga Development aims to make racing more accessible both financially and logistically.
  2. Tauranga Development aims to assist with character development on an individual level by using situational learning.

We encourage our kids to set goals, strive for them, learn to fail, and respond with resilience to adversity in a supportive environment without trauma. The environment of Tauranga Development is designed to accommodate organic adversity in a riders journey and help provide a platform to support their development and growth to guide the kids to build life skills from these experiences.

The programme is highly customisable for each individual to include the camps and racing trips that suit them.

This is a unique programme and has strict prerequisites for entry, all riders must meet prerequisites to gain access to registration opportunity. apply and will have access to the registration page upon successful application.

Prerequisites –

  1. Rider is current Mountainbike Tauranga Club Member.
  2. Rider able to ride Grade 5 trails or higher.
  3. Rider has suitable equipment.
  4. Rider is Year 9+.
  5. Rider demonstrates frequent effort to obtain personal growth from Mountain Biking.
  6. Rider meets selection criteria.

Selection Criteria

Selection Process

The 2022 squad will be hand picked by DirtCraft without the need for applications. Once the team is established in early 2022 all other riders may apply to be apart of this programme going forward.

The selection process will include a written application to be submitted. To register interest please contact tristanhride@gmail.com.

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