Our Rider Assistance Initiative aims to allow riders and families to be able to apply for a DirtCraft Scholarship to continue to participate, development and compete in the opportunities offered by DirtCraft. This includes skills programmes, fitness programmes, camps, events, and trips. This Initiative is made possible thanks to our financial sponsors and has been setup to enable riders from all different backgrounds to continue to participate in the sport that we love.

Riders and families can apply for DirtCraft credit by successfully submitting an application form below. In addition to filling out the application, you are welcome to submit a document, PDF, presentation or a hard copy that can be handed directly to the DirtCraft Head Coach.

Successful applicants will receive partial or the complete desired amount added to their DirtCraft account as a credit. This can not be redeemed for NZD and needs to be allocated as planned with DirtCraft Head Coach. 

Applications can be submitted no more frequently than every 6 months. Funds will be allocated with fairness and be relative to funds stored by DirtCraft. Finally funds will be allocated with rider commitment taken into consideration. DirtCraft may not credit the full amount that is requested if there are limited funds or DirtCraft deems limited commitment from a rider. DirtCraft applicants with a higher chance of successful application will clearly demonstrate love, passion and commitment to the sport. Loyalty, consistency, integrity and support towards DirtCraft and the wider MTB community.

Funds can be allocated at any time. All applications will receive one of the following responses: 

Successful application – application was successful and the credit has been added to your account.

Successful pending – application was successful, but DirtCraft doesn’t have the funds at this stage to support this rider. Expect successful application notification in the near future.

 Unsuccessful application Рapplication was declined, there will be a reason given for this, and a recommendation moving forward.