Adult Skills

Adult Skills

Registrations Open Now

  • Objectives – Skill Learning
  • Age – 18+
  • Location – Oropi MTB Park
  • Time – 4.30 to 5.30pm
  • Cost – $170

What’s going on?

The kids skills are progressing well, they are happy! Its time to put the kids to the side and focus on setting up something awesome for the adults!

Starting in the first week of May we are going to run a 6 week skills programme for adults between May and mid July.

With unpredictable weather over the winter months we will deliver 6 sessions over 10 weeks. This gives us postponement flexibility to make sure we get all the sessions it.

We are offering programmes on Mondays and Wednesdays.

How it works?

You need to select your grading based on the grading outline below. Once the term starts there may be opportunity to switch groups if you are incorrectly graded but this cannot be assured.

When registering you can select the option or options for a session you wish to attend for the term. I.E Monday 4.30pm Intermediate Coach Coralie.

You will then attended your session once per week.

Communication will come via email and the Heja App. You need to install the Heja App on your phone and will be issued with a team code when you register.

If a session is postponed you will be notified via Heja or Email by 3.00pm. Remember the big risk is trees falling from substantial rain prior and high winds. Some sessions may go ahead in unpleasant weather if deemed safe.

Grading Outline*

Newbie Sessions

Are for riders who are very new to riding off road. We would expect riders to have a small understanding of how riding a mountain bike works, they are able to balance on their bike and are willing to challenge themselves in Mountain Biking. Newbies find Grade 2 trails enjoyable but require assistance in developing confidence to explore the sport further.

Session plans –

Basic braking, basic cornering, balance, fundamental pumping, and body position to make sure you are happy on your bike!

Intermediate Sessions

If you have an understanding of the basics but need help progressing your skills/confidence then our Intermediate sessions will help you to gain a more in-depth understanding. We focus on developing your skills on Grade 3 trails and and touch on the basics of learning Grade 4 trails. 

Session plans –

Bunny hops, steeps, drops, cornering, bike balance, balance techniques, pumping skills, rut practice, bermed/non bermed cornering, and line choice.

Advanced Sessions

If you are the type of rider who finds riding Grade 3s enjoyable, Grade 4s hard and Grade 5s really challenging then the advanced sessions are for you. We want to arm you with the skills and understanding to take on the more difficult trails you come across with a deeper understanding of how to negotiate those challenging features.

Session plans –

Flowing corners, wet weather riding, stoppie rotations/low speed bike movement, technical climbing, technical line choice, manuals, and jumping.

Expert Sessions

If you want to get more confidence and understanding riding Grade 5 and even 6 trails our Expert sessions will provide you with the fundamental tool kit to take on this level of riding.

Session plans –

Drops, wet weather climbing, advanced line choice, trail reading, holding wheel on descents, awkward corners, skinnies, steep climbing, off camber riding, advanced cornering (body position), steep trails and more.

*The grading system is designed for you to spend 2 terms at each grading level. You will need to practice and perfect the skills you learn in session in your own time. Then you can progress your riding ability and your grading to the next level.

Adult Skills Registration