About DirtCraft

Our Objectives

  • To provide safe environment where kids can have fun, learn, connect, be themselves and experience adventure.
  • Allow Mountain Biking to uncover their individual skills and take this confidence beyond the forest.
  • Facilitate experience and learning that inspire people to fall in love with Mountain Biking.

Our Past

The foundations for DirtCraft were laid as early as 2015 as Tristan Haycock was preparing to take on ultra-endurance Mountain Biking. A few years later the confidence to coach was inspired after Tristan won the U23 World Endurance Championships at 17. 

In 2017 Tristan travelled to Italy with the intention to defend his title, only to fall short and place second. Amongst the disappointment, Tristan found clarity and purpose within coaching. “Elite athletes put everything into their sport, and sometimes it’s hard to see what you can take out beyond the result.” Tristan spent 2017 to 2021 developing his coaching craft working with over 500 different kids on skill and physical development facilitated by Mountainbike Tauranga. 

By combining the learning and experiences as an athlete, coach and from the classroom DirtCraft was born June 22nd 2021.

Our Present

Our vision is to facilitate an environment within Mountain Biking for kids to grow as an individual by progressing their riding skills, physical and mental capabilities.

Our programmes are crafted and delivered with emphasis on enjoyment, education, social connection, and challenge.

Therefore, our kids are not only having fun, expanding friendships, and building confidence, but they are grounded with their learning journey to help prepare them for the world beyond the forest.


Mobile: 027 834 7223

Email: tristanhride@gmail.com

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