Adult Skills

Adult Skills

Adult Skills will be back for Term 4. From roughly 9th October onwards, we intend to offer sessions at Summerhill and Oropi on both weekday evenings and weekends.

Registrations will be updated on this site by August 31st

  • Objectives – Skill Learning
  • Location – Summerhill MTB Park & Oropi MTB Park
  • Time – Weekday evenings
  • All of our sessions are now 1.5 hours in length.

Why Adult Skills?

If you are after a variety of skills sessions at an affordable price from knowledgeable and experienced coaches then Adult Skills is the right place for you. We aim to deliver engaging through Adult specific Skills Sessions to identify and minimize bad habits and teach correct, safe and confidence building riding techniques. This is a process, not something that is mastered in one or two sessions, but in multiple sessions over multiple terms on your journey to develop as a mountain biker.

How it works?

You need to select your grading based on the grading outline below. Once the term starts there may be opportunity to switch groups if you are incorrectly graded if we have space.

When registering you can select the option or options for a session you wish to attend.

You will then attended your session once per week.

Communication will come via email.


  1. Rider is current Mountainbike Tauranga Club Member.
  2. Rider 18+ years old
  3. Rider able ride Grade 3 trails or higher.
  4. Rider has suitable equipment.

*The grading system is designed for you to spend 3 terms at each grading level. You will need to practice the skills you learn from each session in your own time. Then you can progress your riding ability and your grading to the next level for the following season.