Oropi Super D Series

It looks like the trees will remain standing until Christmas at least. Oropi Super D Series is back for the end of 2023.

How does it work?

We have two categories. Easy and Hard.

Easy will race down predominantly grade 3 trails with potential for some easier grade 4 sections or even some climb trails in reverse.

  • Easy Sign on from 4.30pm to 4.50pm.
  • Briefing 4.50pm.
  • Racing 5.00pm to 5.45pm.
  • Easy Prize Giving 5.45pm.

Hard Course will consist of grade 4 and grade 5 trails and maybe even some illegals and trails in reverse.

  • Rego 6.00pm to 6.20pm.
  • Briefing 6.20pm.
  • Racing 6.30pm to 7.30pm.
  • Hard Prize Giving 7.30pm.

General Information

  • Register at DirtCraft.NZ, full series $70 for up to 10 races (weather dependent).
  • Or $10 cash late entry on the night.
  • Keep your number plate for the series.
  • Complete unlimited race runs each night.
  • Check live results with the link provided.
  • Link will be listed below.
  • Stick around for prize giving and receive a chocolate bar for being the fastest in each category or best crash/story.
Click here for results

Series Dates & Trails

Date and Race

13th October – Race 1

20th October – Race 2

27th October – Race 3

3rd November – Race 4

10th November – Race 5

17th November – Race 6

24th November – Race 7

1st December- Race 8

8th December- Race 9

15th December – Race 10

Easy Course


Exit Trail (Reverse)

Rained Out

Rained Out


Entry Trail


Grim Creeper


6 Drops (Starting partway down + Right line)

Hard Course

Shell Shock

Trail Mix

Rained Out

Rained Out


New Entry

Roller Coaster

Grim Creeper

Log Drop

6 Drops (Left line)

Sign on and Prizegiving

Bottom of Pines

Top of Trail Mix

Rained Out

Rained Out

Bottom of Switchbacks

Top of Entry

Bottom of Pines

Bottom of Switchbacks

Bottom of Log drop

Top of 6 drops