Oropi Super D

We have two categories. Easy and Hard.

Easy will race down predominantly grade 3 trails with potential for some easier grade 4 sections or even some climb trails in reverse. Easy course will be open from 4.30ish to 5.30ish.

Hard Course will consist of grade 4 and grade 5 trails and maybe even some illegals. The hard course will be open from 5.45ish until 7.00ish.

How does it work?

  • Register at DirtCraft.NZ, or pay on the day $25.
  • Pickup your plate from 4.15pm to 6.00pm at the start/end of the stage.
  • Secure your transponder onto your bike.
  • Complete up to 3 race runs.
  • Check live results with the link provided
  • Hand back your transponder.
  • CLICK HERE for live Timing Link

There is no prize money on offer due to the number of races that have been rained out.

Registering for the event.

  • You can register for each round from Saturday to Thursday prior to the race.
  • You will only be able to race if you’ve registered and payment is made by midnight Thursday. Or you can bring $25 cash on the day.
  • Early Saturday morning registrations will open for the coming week.

Event Dates

  • Race 1 4th November: Easy – Swtichbacks. Hard – Grim Creeper
  • 11th November – POSTPONED
  • 18th November – POSTPONED
  • Race 2 25th November: Easy – Pines. Hard- Rollercoaster
  • Race 3 2nd December: Easy – Entry Trail. Hard – Entry Trail + Illegals
  • 9th December: – POSTPONED
  • Race 4 16th December: Easy – Exit Trail reverse. Hard – Trail Mix


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