• Objectives – Skill Learning
  • Age – Year 3 to Year 13
  • Location – Oropi MTB Park & Summerhill MTB Park
  • Time – After School Term 1,2,3,4
  • Cost – $120 per term.

Our DirtSkill programme provides a platform for progression of skill learning for beginners to internationally competitive youth and everywhere between. DirtSkill breaks down the technical side of Mountain Biking in an enjoyable environment to establish safe, efficient, and confident riders. This is our most popular programme with over 250 different kids involved in 2021.

Each rider receives a grading and then can select a group that equates to their skill level. We have grading evenings throughout the year. Please obtain a grading prior to registration.


  1. Rider is current Mountainbike Tauranga Club Member.
  2. Rider Year 3 to Year 13.
  3. New riders must attended an open day to obtain a grading for group placement.
  4. Rider able ride Grade 2 trails or higher.
  5. Rider has suitable equipment.

Term 1 Information

  • Term 1 will be an 8 week term starting on the 3rd of February and run until the 14th April. There will be sessions which coaches are absent for with their racing schedules but we ensure we’ll fit the 8 weeks in.
  • Monday Sessions will be at Summerhill.
  • Sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday & Friday will take place at Oropi.
  • We have multiple coaches delivering in for Term 1.
  • Each rider will have a grading according to our NEW grading system. If you are unsure about your Childs grading, please contact
  • Friday sessions will be slightly different and will have less sessions but will go for longer. The Friday groups will receive this communication directly.

Term 1 Grading

  • Previous riders have been emailed their grading information, Please contact if you cannot find these details.
  • For all new riders you can register without a grading please select LIME MONDAY!
  • For all new riders with a grading, please select a group that equates to your grading.

Upcoming Free Grading Days-

  • Monday 24th January 4.30pm to 5.30pm – Summerhill.
  • Wednesday 26th January 4.30pm to 5.30pm – Oropi.
  • Friday 4th February 4.30pm to 5.30pm – Oropi.

Homeschool Students

We will not be running during the day homeschool classes in Term 1. Come and obtain a grading and we’ll add you to a session.

New Registration Software

  • Since July 2021 we have been using a new registration software.
  • Please be patient while we all learn how it works. If you are having issues please read the information below and try again before emailing for help.
  • If you have registered for one of our programmes since July you will already have an account and you will need to SIGN IN. As a parent, you will already have an account these details would have been emailed to you from Friendly Manager.
  • If you have not registered for one of our programmes since July 2021, just register below for T4 DirtSkill and it will create an account for you along with your registration.
  • Any questions, contact or 027 834 7223.

Term 1 2022 DirtSkill Registration